Copper Cat Books approaches its five-year anniversary

The interior of Copper Cat Books. Photo courtesy of Julia Daileda.

Copper Cat Books, Henderson’s only second-hand bookstore, will celebrate its five-year anniversary next month.

Henderson locals Anthony and Wendy Marcisofsky opened the shop, named after their first cat, an orange tabby, in 2017 to help foster a love of reading in the community.

“Reading is really important to us,” said Wendy Marcisofsky. “We try to draw people in, not necessarily just to buy books, but to simply be around books—especially young people.”

Located on Horizon Ridge Parkway and Arroyo Grande Boulevard, Copper Cat boasts a wide variety of titles, carrying volumes on subjects ranging from astrology and art history to gardening and theology. The shop also sells various novelty items and trinkets, such as birdhouses, pocket watches, and music boxes.

Though most of the store’s titles are bargain-priced, Copper Cat carries several pricier collector’s items, most of them first editions or signed copies.

“We just got one [book] I’m super excited about, signed by John Kennedy,” said Wendy Marcisofsky. “He signed it when he was a senator, and [during this time] he would sign his name as John Kennedy rather than John F. Kennedy or Jack Kennedy.”

She said she acquired the book from a leftover lot from a 2005 auction. 

“[It] didn’t have a dust jacket, so I’m sure people thought it was no big deal and just threw it in the lot,” said Wendy Marcisofsky. “But then when I opened it up, I went, ‘Oh, my god. This looks like it’s signed by John Kennedy.’”

To promote community engagement, Anthony and Wendy frequently host events such as book club meetings, children’s reading hours, author meet-and-greets and book signings at their store.

“We want to create a sense of community,” said Wendy Marcisofsky. “It’s not just about selling books…It’s [about] making people feel welcome.”

In celebration of its five-year anniversary, Copper Cat will host a free-entry event from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. on December 10 featuring door prizes and live music from a local artist.


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