Brief: UNLV hosts fifth annual Art Walk

Stilt entertainers Shawn Martin (left) and Kori Erskine (right) pose for a picture. Photo by Brittany Sharp.

University Square came alive Nov. 4, 2022 for its fifth annual UNLV Art Walk. The Fine Arts Department faculty and students joined alongside local businesses to display a glimpse into the art world in Las Vegas. 

Kori Erskine, a third year participant, and her partner Shawn Martin, a second year participant, expressed their excitement while walking on stilts in full costume.

“It’s like a showcase splash of UNLV Fine Arts,” Erskine said.

Local vendors Chris and George McFly of Back to the 80s Cafe & More Las Vegas shared how supportive they are of the university. To showcase their support, they’ve added a Greek Night geared toward fraternities and sororities every Thursday. 

One of the popular stations at this year’s Art Walk was the Film & Music Department. Attendees stopped by Thomas Bjelic’s station to record themselves roaring and watch their voice be modified via audio and visual transformation, like watching a beast on a movie screen.  

Catching up with Chuck Foley and the Music Technology team, visitors were able to see some behind-the-scenes action with high-quality recording and learn more about how to join the fun at UNLV. 
This year’s Art Walk was co-presented by Susan N. Houston. The event is held annually to honor “the Las Vegas arts community for its dedication and support of arts and culture in Southern Nevada,” according to the UNLV website.


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