Blaspheme Boutique offers “Photos With Krampus” for the holidays

Interior of Blaspheme Boutique. Photo courtesy of the shop's Instagram page.

On Rainbow and Oakey Boulevard, there is a boutique unlike any other. Blaspheme Boutique celebrates the dark arts all year round, and is decorated wall-to-wall with apparel, candles, books, accessories, tarot decks and other mystical goods. 

Charlie Hanks, owner and “head witch” of Blaspheme Boutique, describes her store as a “cool, fun, goth, witchy shop.” 

Hanks first opened Blaspheme Boutique in March 2015 as an online Etsy shop. Seven years later, in June 2021, she gave the boutique a physical storefront after achieving virtual success. 

“We’re the only shop in town that is a witch and goth apparel shop,” Hanks said. “We cater to most of the darker fashion and darker practices, but I try to be eclectic with what we offer.”

Hanks noted that a majority of the clothing is made by her team; the t-shirts are self-designed and printed. She also makes all of the scented candles, spell sprays and some other items in the shop.

In addition, Hanks showcases local artists at Blaspheme Boutique. She sells items for crafters on consignment. 

“We have a very mixed clientele,” Hanks said. “Some people come in just for the cool clothing and niche items that we have, and apparel. But then we also have a pretty good following, and a customer base of witches, pagans and heathens through different practices throughout the occult community here in town.”

Hanks said that she takes custom orders such as specific books. This helps buyers avoid the big-box sellers, while supporting a local small business, she said.

Blaspheme Boutique hosts a “Market Macabre” event every three months. Here, guests can shop from a “collaboration of vendors here in the community that are ‘dark arts type.’” The event features oddities, clothing and custom art. There are also burlesque and sideshow performers at “Market Macabre.”

The boutique’s yearly event is known as “Occulture Fair.” 

Hanks said, “[Occulture Fair] is for the local occult community. It brings together different communities in the area that can speak about what their practices are, and how they run the organizations.”

Just in time for the holiday season, the shop is offering “Photos With Krampus,” the folklore figure. For $15, customers receive three virtual pictures, and one printed copy. A themed ornament is also included free of charge.

“I love Krampus,” Hanks said. “I don’t like Santa so much. A lot of us who sway ‘not Christian’ normally want to have fun holiday photos that don’t have anything to do with Santa and the Christianity behind it.”

In the future, Hanks says she wants to see Blaspheme Boutique expand square-footage wise. She also wants to host more community events that emphasize different circles and rituals.

“We offer classes, and we’re going to expand our offerings of classes,” Hanks said. “But right now, our main goal is to get through this next year and hopefully expand to a bigger location when we have the opportunity.”


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