Back To School Fashion: Spring Semester Edition

Photo courtesy of Unilodge

As we enter the spring semester, a new wave of fashion trends is coming about as the cold winds cave in on the Las Vegas valley. 

Since many are on the spectrum of broke college students, fashion sense will not be runway-ready. However, that does not mean we cannot be cute, comfy, and warm during this new semester. 

For the classic college fit, there appears to be an array of hoodies matched with either leggings or a pair of skinny jeans with the cherry on top, a pair of Vans. Stylish, quick, and manageable when that 8 a.m. class is what gets you out of bed in the morning. 

For more of a put-together look, a cute patterned coat paired with black pants, a simple top, and statement piece shoes will make anyone stand out in these first few weeks of class. 

Guy fashion is much different from girl fashion and often is not discussed. Flannels over hoodies have been popping up all over campus. Some of our fashionable male students have been seen in a long trench coat and black Doc Martens.

UNLV student Nicola Figarotta gives some insight into how he dresses during the winter season.

“My go-to outfit is either a brown wax cotton coat or leather jacket,” Figarotta. “It is a way to blend formal or informal together that paired with a sharp pair of jeans and fancier dress boots, cap toe ankle boots, or casual work boots still like cap toe but properly taken care of boots can look just as good.”

He said that if it is colder outside, he would suggest wearing a longer peacoat and officer-style knee-length coats. Figarotta’s fashion choices are based on his upbringing in New York and his international travels. 

“A lot of the old buildings I’ve seen inspire me to a time when it was more common for men, in particular, to be dressed with a certain level of care,” Figarotta said. “In addition, I think going to Italy really inspired me to care about my overall look for myself and make myself feel better because I knew I was wearing what I wanted to, and it looked good.”

When cold weather comes in, the layers come out, allowing our girly Rebs to express their love for skirts and cardigans. I would suggest pairing those cute skirts with a pair of warm leggings. Cold weather does not stop the girlies from bringing the flowers peeking out of the snow.  

The alt girls cannot hide in the shadows forever because winter fashion is their time to shine. Fishnet stockings under ripped jeans, band t-shirts, paired with Doc Martens, or combat boots give our school the cutting-edge fashion UNLV deserves. 

“My go-to is a red and black flannel I got from sams club, and my favorite would be any of the looks I do with my leather jacket,” UNLV journalism student Breannan Brown said. 

“It fits the edgy, rocker, biker look I try to go for, and it’s really warm. My style comes from watching 80s movies, seeing red shirt leather jackets and thinking I want to be her, and also mainly growing up riding on motorcycles.”

Our spring semester is starting strong with every fashion genre wandering our campus. The cold weather allows our classrooms to be filled with every color on the color wheel. Do not be afraid to let that inner expression become an outer appreciation.


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