An American Metalsmith Making Custom Jewelry Out of Las Vegas


The Las Vegas small business community is full of shops and creators with talents and products some would never even dream of. One of these hidden gems is Hannah, the founder and hands behind An American Metalsmith. This brand combines soft tones of unique and organic gems and stones with the structure of metal to create pieces that people truly cannot find anywhere else because these pieces are all one-of-a-kind. 

With no brick and mortar stores, An American Metalsmith is currently selling products all over the Las Vegas small business scene at events such as Market in the Alley and throughout stores in Ferguson’s Downtown. Hannah also had a booth at this year’s Life is Beautiful music festival.

“An American Metalsmith originated in 2015. Before that I found metalsmithing through a community college in North Carolina. During highschool, a teacher recommended a metals course to me. I took the advice and fell in love with the art almost immediately. I also went on to take many more college courses pursuing it. Family and friends then wanted me to create custom pieces, so I started selling through their support.”

Since all of her pieces are handmade, it is no surprise that the process is not easy. “The process for jewelry-making is lengthy, and meticulous. I start with a sheet of metal and handsaw each design. When gemstones are used, the settings are hand-crafted as well. Gemstones are very tricky to choose. All are chosen by the beautiful quirks and stunning colors. I find myself spending several hours just to find the perfect gemstones for future works of art. I purchase gemstones straight from reputable lapidary artists and popular gem shows.”

Not only do customers have the option of buying pieces already made either in person or on her website, but they also can do custom design work directly with Hannah. From not only what kind of gem or stone customers are looking for but also fit it directly to their style. “My work is inspired by my customer base. Someone will submit an amazing design idea, and it usually requires a different technique I’m accustomed to, and it inspires me to generate many other pieces using that same technique. Some customers request items based on the gemstone they choose, but others have patterns they draw inspiration from. Gemstones absolutely inspire me, too.”

With the small business community being so tight knit in Las Vegas, Hannah has been able to use the community to help grow her business. “Market in the Alley is always a wonderful support structure to my small business. The hosted markets allow me to connect with new customers, make new friends, and meet other small business owners who have amazing products. I am extremely grateful for all of the opportunities it presents.”
Make sure and be on the lookout for the next Market in the Alley as well as reach the An American Metalsmith Instagram for where you can find her jewelry throughout the city.


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