UNLV volleyball outlasts Colgate in four sets

The Rebels huddle together after winning a set. Photo by Jordan Anders-McClain.

Off to a great start this season, the Rebels ultimately found success against the Colgate University Raiders by earning a 3-1 win.

In the first set, the game was tied (10-10) when the Rebels went on a 7-3 run. The score was 18-14, but that didn’t discourage the Raiders. The Raiders came back to cut the lead and tied the game 24-24. 

UNLV managed to step up their offense to win the first set, 27-25.

The Raiders came out strong and held a two-point lead, 16-14 during the second set. The Rebels came back to tie the score 19-19. UNLV gained a 6-3 run to win the set 25-22.

Once again, the Rebels got off to a slow start with the Raiders managing to keep a three-point lead until the end of the third set, 20-17. 

UNLV improved offensively to tie (20-20), but couldn’t hold on for a win and ultimately lost the third match 26-24 after the Raiders went on a 6-4 run. 

The Rebels set the tone going into the fourth set with a strong lead (15-12). Learning from their mistakes in the previous match, the Rebels offense improved for a strong 25-19 victory.

UNLV offensively had a total of 74 points (.207), 53 kills, and nine aces versus Colgate’s 56 points (.140), 42 kills, and three aces. The Rebels managed to get 12 blocks and 44 total assists versus the Raiders 11 blocks and 32 assists. 

Kate Brennan led the Rebels offensively with 10 kills, while Gabrielle Arretche-Ramos had nine kills and two aces. Senior Mariena Hayden earned nine kills as well, and is ranked No. 2 all-time at UNLV in career kills with 1,526 kills in total for her collegiate career. 

On the defensive side, Brennan along with Hayden and Shelby Capllonch all had three blocks each. 

UNLV will continue its road trip east by competing in the Cornell Invitational this Friday and Saturday, Sept. 10 and 11. The Rebels will face Niagara on Friday at 9 a.m. PT and Cornell at 4 p.m. PT with only one game on Saturday at 10 a.m. PT.


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