Tesla: the Apple of the car industry

An interior view of a Tesla at the Sahara Tesla Dealership. Photo by Isaac Garcia.

Tesla is one of the most innovative companies in the world, pushing forward the possibility of increasing electric cars and transportation out on the roads. 

It has completely changed the automotive industry, reinventing the gas-powered car into one that relies on electricity. The company’s CEO, Elon Musk, has captivated the world with his creative and magnetic personality, earning the brand many followers over the years.

With that said, is Tesla becoming the Apple of the automotive industry? As the company’s stock prices took a huge leap over the last few years and introduced innovations around the world, the idea that Tesla could become the Apple of the car industry is not a crazy one. 

Last year, writer for the Treehugger, David Kuchta, reported that Tesla accounted for nearly 79 percent of all new electric vehicles in the United States. The company dominated the electric car market without even advertising any of its products. Moreover, electric vehicle sales were up 11 percent last year, demonstrating that Tesla is rising in popularity across the country.

In more recent news, the next big innovation step by Tesla is the Las Vegas Loop, as Elon Musk’s Boring Company has finally received the green light to begin production. 

The Vegas Loop, according to Business Insider writer, Tim Levin, is a 29-mile network of tunnels underneath the Las Vegas Strip. This project builds on the Boring Company’s first completed project of a 1.7-mile long loop to transport passengers around the Las Vegas convention center.

The underground tunnel will comprise 51 stations, accommodate around 57,000 passengers per hour and run with Tesla vehicles driven by people throughout the tunnel. This project aims to let passengers reach their destinations with minimal issues, allowing for more people and money to flood the Strip. It will also alleviate traffic along the Strip, allowing for safer and easier transportation. 

Along with Elon Musk’s Vegas Loop project, announced a few months ago, Musk stated that Tesla would build a humanoid robot called Tesla Bot.

According to CNBC writer, Kif Leswing, the Tesla Bot is an example of Musk’s showmanship. Furthermore, Leswing said that Musk announced that Tesla is working on exciting products scheduled for years into the future to energize backers, including employees, customers and inventors. 

The potential of a humanoid robot performing repetitive tasks humans make would transform industries around the world in a positive way. Having humanoid robots around UNLV can help students have a better learning experience and have a better on-campus experience. 

Throughout the last few years, Tesla has grown into a highly successful company. The company has already released several projects and products that could be industry-changing in the future. 

No other automotive company has done what Tesla has done. Apple and Tesla are similar in this way. It may be safe to say that Tesla truly is considered the Apple of the automotive industry.


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