Mount Charleston Lodge to rise from the ashes

Photo courtesy of Anthony Curtis' Las Vegas Advisor.

As a place to cool down in the summer, warm up in the winter, socialize and have a good meal, the Mount Charleston Lodge is known for its charming rustic atmosphere. Remarked by Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak as a “Southern Nevada treasure,” it came as a devastating loss to the community when the building was destroyed by a fire earlier this month. 

The Lodge holds a special place in the heart of the Southern Nevada community. Decades of Mount Charleston memories involve the restaurant, which provided a cozy spot to settle down and grab some grub. Many mountain residents found their first job at the Lodge, emphasizing its role as a staple in the community. 

Looking out onto crisp forest scenery, the Lodge sat surrounded by Kyle Canyon’s breathtaking peaks and pines. Hikers, mountain residents and Las Vegas locals alike all gathered here for a guaranteed good time.

The Lodge not only offered a warm environment to grab a bite, but also the opportunity to purchase unique art and support indigenous Nevadans. Outside the front entrance, Southern Nevada Native Americans set up shop selling their handmade jewelry.  

Weddings are also a popular attraction at the Lodge. Hundreds of couples have tied the knot overlooking the Mount Charleston wilderness. Inside, a dance floor and stage provided space for commemorating special occasions or celebrations.

Locals took to Twitter and Facebook soon after the heartwrenching event, sharing heartfelt memories and older pictures of what the Lodge once was.

While the burning of the Lodge is tragic, its owners were quick to release a statement that  promises the Lodge will be back in all of its glory soon. Additionally, no injuries were reported and the surrounding cabins were spared from the fate of the flames. 

Although the building was destroyed, the spirit of the Lodge remains alive and well within Southern Nevadans’ hearts. The Lodge can be rebuilt, but the generations of joy shared on Mount Charleston are irreplaceable.

With the roots of the Lodge dating back to as early as 1915, the location has weathered difficulty before. In Dec. 1961, a previous lodge in the same location was also lost to a fire. Within a year, a new lodge was built and once completed, it returned to serve the Mount Charleston area as a hub of activity.

Just as it has in the past, the Lodge will once again rise like a phoenix from the ashes and resume its many uses by Southern Nevadans. 

A proven local treasure beloved by all, the Lodge’s exuberance is carried without the physical building. When the new building is completed, it will be welcomed warmly by all ready to create new memories.


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