Brief: Are using dating apps a good idea?

Tinder app being opened on phone. Photo by Rita Khalaf.

Dating has evolved for centuries throughout the course of human history. From the era of speakeasies and saloons, to newspaper-advertised matchmaking, to the current advent of dating apps.

In recent years, dating apps have gained a firestorm of popularity and use among the current populace. In light of their popularity, many have questioned the sanctity of dating apps and whether or not they’ve actually improved the landscape of dating or destroyed it.

Dating apps can be advantageous for the ease of use. Swiping left and right is much easier than making conversation with a boy or girl. Additionally, dating apps can help narrow down your potential partner pool by organizing people based on respective interests, hobbies, goals, etc. 

In a sense, dating apps help alleviate the biggest cause of fear surrounding dating; ambiguity. In the context of time, organizing your potential partners based on how well they match with you can save you a lot of time and commitment when finding that perfect someone. 

However, this level of ambiguity creates the concern of false identities. Safety online is usually within spaces like dating apps, due to people engaging in things like catfishing or identity theft. Instances of people standing in harm’s way due to negligence on dating apps have led to many unfortunate cases. 

Dating apps also don’t provide the same level of engagement and experience that meeting finding that special someone has. The act of meeting them, talking with them, finding out your compatibility, eating a nice lunch together, and learning about each other is an experience that dating apps fail to live up to.

Meeting people in real life, falling in love, and learning to appreciate every minute you spend with them is the defining characteristic of love and in the long run, helps improve social skills and can build your confidence in yourself and others.

While dating apps can help reduce the ambiguity of knowing what someone is looking for, real-life dating can help you create meaningful connections and make memories that last lifetimes. This Valentine’s, go out there and take some bold risks, life’s got a pretty lovely way of surprising you.


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