UNLV Libraries’ resources for students, hybrid and in-person


Nearly 2,000 students walk through the doors of UNLV’s Lied Library on a daily basis. The Lied Library, a 302,000-square-foot facility, is the largest building on UNLV. The library provides students, faculty and visitors with various resources they need to succeed.

“A lot of students here are in an online class right now, which is different from something that we have not had before and that is challenging,” Brittany Fiedler, teaching and learning librarian at Lied Library, said. “You have to keep a mask on during a class which requires immense participation.”

The library has expanded its services in order to provide diverse experiences for its students. For example, The Makerspace is a multidisciplinary space dedicated to exploration supported by both emerging technology and traditional equipment which includes services. The Makerspace will continue to grow and evolve as relevant new technologies are identified.

The library offers recording booths for audio and podcasts’ recording in two different recording booths.

There are 398 computers available and printers on all floors of the building. The library has a limited number of laptops for checkout. Additionally, iPads are available for short-term checkout at the Circulation Desk in the entrance of the Lied Library. 

“The Circulation Desk has tons of stuff,” Fiedler said. “We have a lot of physical things that not a lot of people realize that are available such as scantrons and Blue Books for free.”  

Located on the second floor of the library, the Academic Success Center’s Tutoring Center provides tutoring services and supplemental instruction.

“We will provide students with whatever it is that they need to have a positive experience at UNLV and a successful experience at UNLV,” Fiedler said. “We always want to hear from you and we want to respond to what it is that you need.” 

In addition to books, materials and instruction, the library also provides virtual and in-person guidance and resources on research.


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