AAPI We Need To Talk

We Need To Talk: Asian American and Pacific Islander Inclusivity panel. Photo by Jimmy Romo

   At the second part of the We Need To Talk series about Asian American and Pacific Islander inclusions, Kathy Sisolak, Nevada’s first lady and UNLV alumni joins the panel. 

   This panel focused on where the community is now and how to not see another flare up of anit-Asain violence as Mark Padoongpatt, the host, explains. 

   In the panel, Padoonpatt asks if the panelists are aware of, or if they’ve seen within the community, what they feel has been most empowering.

   “Speak out when you hear or see anti-asian hate, it’s important,” Sisolak said. “There’s this one young lady that touched me the most, she was a 16-year-old high school student and she wrote a guest column and was featured in the Las Vegas Sun and that was really heart warming.” 

   Craig Valdez, UNLV alumni and panelist, also answers the question. 

   “I think that participation has been the biggest impact, I’ve seen and its effect on the community,” Valdez said. 

   The panel was then turned to the audience to ask questions, where a student pointed out that the Clark County School District taught her that she was “a second class citizen to the white man” and asked how it should be changed.

   Padoongpatt responded that the subject shouldn’t be made more palatable for people. 


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