What a weird, wonderful world at Omega Mart

A local doing some grocery shopping at Omega Mart, Las Vegas. Photo by Dulce Pixabaj-Perez.

There is a little grocery store just off the Strip tucked away behind a highway, full of everything you would expect in a normal grocery store: vegetables, mutated fruits, interdimensional spills in aisle two, “butter,” ocean song deodorant, portals to another world and maybe even aliens? So, like a normal grocery store right? If you live in the Twilight Zone maybe. If that sounds like something you would want to investigate or get lost in to never return, then go to Omega Mart! 

Omega Mart is a creation of West Coast natives Meow Wolf, an art exhibition company focusing on creating immersive storytelling experiences like the famous “House of Eternal Return” and “The Kaleidoscope.” However, their newest exhibition is unlike anything ever seen by mortal eyes before. 

Going by the name of Omega Mart, it is a play on stereotypical American bulk grocery stores with a twist. You enter a grocery store you can actually shop in, only to find it is not what you expected. The place is full of products created by local artists playing with the idea of what you would typically find in a grocery store. A fan favorite is “Genderfluid,” a refreshing lavender sparkling water that will give you more gender. 

While browsing the isles of tattooed chicken, entrail handbags, miiiiiiilk and weird dogs, you may find a portal or hidden entrance to an entire secret company behind the store. You can unlock hours of hidden content covering three floors involving everything from looking through files, digging through computers and watching secret videos, to even just observing the physical environment. You can uncover the hidden story of the man behind Omega Mart and his mysterious family if you just look. 

For my part, I spent more than four hours looking through the store, offices and mysterious lands and came back with a ham backpack, banana flask and extra large mug. It was a highlight of my year and I will never forget the weird and wonderful experience I had there. They offer a discount for Nevada locals with the tickets pricing $39.00 compared to the $55 pricing for general tickets. This is definitely an experience both locals and tourists alike do not want to miss while it is here.


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