Top 5 boba shops to try

Milk Tea Boba from Brew Tea Bar, located South of UNLV. Photo by Isaac Garcia.

The infatuation with Boba has taken over and seems to be the answer to our problems (for the most part). Hanging out with friends? Boba. Study break? Boba. Mid-life crisis? Boba. When in doubt, treat yourself to Boba Tea. Whether you are an out-of-state student or a born and raised Nevadan, here are the top five rated Boba shops across the Valley in no particular order. 

First off, we have Brew Tea Bar, with affordable prices and the best chewy boba. Brew Tea Bar has made a name for itself because of its versatile menu. Iced Tea, Herbal Tea, Milk Tea, Slushies, and Lattes are available with prices ranging from $3.00 to $5.00 depending on the size. This is an affordable shop with high-quality boba. 

Brew Tea Bar is making its way around the valley with three locations: Maryland Parkway by UNLV, Enterprise, and Spring Valley. For those of us on campus, our closest location is on Maryland Parkway. 

If you’re wanting something to fuel your sweet tooth then the old-fashioned brown sugar milk tea or the chocolate slush will get the job done. Look no further than Rosebuds, Lavender, or Hawaiian Paradise herbal teas for a light and refreshing taste of boba. 

Up next, a Vegas favorite, No. 1 Boba. With 9 locations throughout the Valley and one on its way on Water Street in Henderson, No. 1 Boba has established a name for itself. Don’t be fooled by this chain shop. This is the OG of all boba shops in vegas with the reputation of “the first boba tea store in Las Vegas” according to their website.

If you are stuck at home studying or in a virtual class, you can use DoorDash to have your boba delivered to your door. Prices range from $4.00 to $7.00 unless you want a party jug for $16.50. No. 1 Boba allows you to customize and mix and match your boba making their menu an endless abyss of flavors. 

If you are near Chinatown on Spring Mountain, head over to Tea Maison to discover unique flavors of boba. Priced at roughly $6.00, their brulee version of traditional flavors such as matcha, taro, and mango are their best sellers.

Student Joy Rohloff says, “I’ve tried everything on their menu and my go-to is Hokkaido Milk Tea. I won’t go anywhere else for boba.”

Another spot in Chinatown is Mochinut. Not only is the boba great, but they are the home of the Instagram-worthy mochi doughnut. Once you get your delicious boba, you can also take advantage of their aesthetically pleasing shop on Spring Mountain. 

Mochinut offers a simplified menu without overwhelming flavors. Traditional, yet taste bud approved flavors such as ube, matcha, coffee, Thai tea, and brown sugar. Prices range around $6.00. If you’re a classic boba type of person, Mochinut will suit you well. And do not forget to pair a mochi doughnut with your boba!

Feng Cha Teahouse in Chinatown offers breezes, milk foams, fresh fruit tea, and other special teas. Prices range from $3.00 to $6.00. Because winter is around the corner, they also have hot teas for you to get bundled up and enjoy. Boba flavors such as Bursting Dragon Fruit, Strawberry Overload, Cupid’s Arrow, and Matcha Breeze are all suited well for a mid-day refreshment. Feng Cha is a colorful and inviting spot to enjoy a sweet boba while looking at cute wall art. 

Our local boba shops are as versatile and eccentric as our city. Whether you’re looking for a traditional tea or a five topping fruity tea, there is something for everyone. And better yet, some of these shops offer delicious treats to pair with your tea. Next time you don’t know what will quench your thirst, try boba!


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