Spring Break destination ideas


While Las Vegas is a very popular spring break destination for college students, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, nowadays, UNLV students are choosing to go elsewhere for their week-long vacation. 

A poll done on the Free Press Instagram asked students, “Where would you want to fly to for Spring break?” The options were Cabo San Lucas, Daytona Beach, or Myrtle Beach with Cabo taking the top spot. Despite airfare prices rising higher than in pre-pandemic years, which according to USA Today is about a 24% increase from 2019, many students would rather fly to their destination.

Spring break is a time most college students look forward to. UNLV has its week-long spring break between March 13 to 17, which allows students the opportunity to travel wherever their minds wander to. 

Now, if you’re still planning your trip, the next question on your mind should be, when should I book my flight? According to Travel+Leisure the best time to book your flight for a domestic trip is around 76 days before your departure. Prices tend to increase when tickets are first released, then slowly start to decrease over time. However, if you’re thinking of flying somewhere internationally, you should start thinking about booking your flights sooner rather than later, particularly six months before your scheduled trip. 

With that said, did you do the research? If you’re heading to Cabo, Daytona Beach, or Myrtle Beach, here are some things you should know. 

Daytona Beach, which is located in Florida, is famously known for Daytona International Speedway which hosts the Daytona 500 NASCAR Race. The beach has a boardwalk with rides, arcade games, go-karts, laser tag and even a water park. 

Myrtle Beach’s boardwalk is similar to Daytona’s. However, Myrtle beach is located in South Carolina, spreading out to a 60-mile radius of beaches. Their famous Ferris wheel, the SkyWheel, is one of the tallest in the country and their golf courses are prestigious. 

Cabo San Lucas is a resort city located in Mexico. Cabo is especially famous for its beaches, water activities and its nightlife which includes nearby restaurants and bars.

According to UNLV junior Julia Ramirez, San Diego is another beach escape from this desert.    

Ramirez said, “I’m going to the San Diego Zoo but if I were to go to the beach, I would go to the San Diego beach. Honestly, being at the beach is so therapeutic. I’m able to get away from the city, let go of the stress from school and just relax by the water. Being at the beach with family and bringing snacks is just a great vibe.” 

So whichever beach is on your mind for spring break, don’t miss out on your opportunity to grab your ticket sooner rather than later and enjoy.


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