Sin City Savings: Sakana Sushi


Just over Flamingo on Maryland Parkway, there is a hidden gem in the parking lot along with Target. Sakana sushi is an all-you-can-eat sushi bar serving up some of the best-priced sushi in Las Vegas while not skimping on quality. 

Walking into the giant cherry blossom branches hanging from the ceiling, Sakana has an atmosphere perfect for all occasions. Their extensive menu of hand rolls, tempura rolls, dumplings, and so much more really allows for everyone to find something they will enjoy.

One of the best parts about Sakana is there is a unique way of doing all-you-can-eat sushi. Their lunch special costs $20 for all you can eat and their dinner is $25. However, in order to get the most for your money and make sure that you do not end up with leftovers and having to pay for the excess roll, guests are able to order half rolls. This means that guests can receive half as many pieces of sushi as they normally would in a roll to try more kinds of sushi and avoid having leftovers.

As well as an extensive food menu, their array of different kinds of Soju and Sake allow for guests to be pushed out of their comfort zone and try new kinds of authentic Japanese cuisine.

From things such as classic California rolls or spicy tuna rolls, two items for those a little bit more adventurous such as sea urchin and freshwater eel, Sakana really does offer something for everyone. They also have an extensive list of tempura rolls and even some rolls handcrafted only found at Sakana

For those who are not as familiar with sushi, try sitting at the sushi bar to be able to not only see the preparation of the fish but also talk to the highly trained chefs who can offer recommendations as well as their expertise. The chefs are classically trained in what could be considered one of the most difficult types of cuisine to learn how to make. It is encouraged by sushi chefs everywhere to ask questions and ask for recommendations, since sushi is not usually as widespread in knowledge across media and across households it is super common for people to be confused about what to order. Many recommend trying something new or to even asking for recommendations around the types of fish you currently already like. A lot of the time they can even make something custom just for you.

Only being walking distance from UNLV, Sakana offers students a fine dining experience at a college budget-friendly price. This small and intimate sushi bar and lounge will allow for guests to have a more one-on-one experience with the staff. Make sure to follow Sakana on Instagram for my updates on new items and seasonal hours. 


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