New Jet-Setting Experience to Connect Los Angeles and Las Vegas

A new private jet for the jet-setting experience to connect Los Angeles to Las Vegas . Photo courtesy of Alan Semar's PR team

Las Vegas is one of the hottest travel destinations in the world for all forms of entertainment. With the addition of not only the Las Vegas Golden Knights, but now the Las Vegas Raiders, tourism in Vegas has been on the rise. From bachelorette parties, weddings, wild vacations and quick getaways, Las Vegas is booming in the tourist industry no more than ever. With the city of Los Angeles being such a hot tourist destination as well, it makes sense that these two cities would want to feed into one another’s business, and now with the help of Barcelona Enterprises and a few private jets, that dream is possible. 

Barcelona Enterprises is one of the leading producers in Las Vegas and Los Angeles for marketing food and wine festivals. Now, they are partnering with a Vegas aviation company to make the ultimate Vegas weekend possible. According to Chief Executive Officer Alan Semsar, this package will include a 15-person private jet package leaving from the majority of the major Los Angeles and Orange County airports. This experience also includes a stay at the Wynn Villas at the Wynn Hotel and Resort and a turf-side experience at Allegiant Stadium to watch the Raiders play.

The aviation company is a Las Vegas-based jet company and is currently a leader in the private jet industry. Not to mention they completely offset 100%of their carbon emissions. The partnership between Barcelona and the aviation company has allowed for representatives who understand both cities and the clientele that comes with them to join forces to give guests an experience like no other. 

Barcelona has been leading both Las Vegas and Los Angeles in the festival scene for years. Hosting some of the biggest culinary festivals in the country including the LA Wine Festival, Las Vegas Chocolate Festival, Las Vegas Food and Wine Festival, Beverly Hills Food and Wine Festival, and Calibas & Malibu Food and Wine Festival. Their expertise as a company in food, wine, and media has made it clear why Barcelona Enterprises is branching out into the realm of the travel market. 

After 2020 took such a toll on Los Angeles and Las Vegas not only on local businesses but on the tourism industry as well, this package is a chance to bring back the excitement that these two cities have to offer. From a wild bachelorette weekend starting in California and ending in Las Vegas, to an exciting family vacation that no one will ever forget, this new jet-setting experience is truly the travel of the future. 

Although Barcelona has not set a date for this experience to launch to the public yet, tourists can expect to be able to start booking their next adventure in the near future. In the meantime, Barcelona Enterprises has so much to offer the cities of Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Locals and tourists alike can expect more information about when booking will become available as well as more information about the experience as a whole in the near future. For more information, people are encouraged to go onto the Barcelona Enterprise website or follow Alan Semar on Instagram

This is the first time that any kind of company is making such an exclusive experience in Las Vegas let alone connecting two of the largest cities in the country. This new take on a private jet experience will allow for tourists to really get the 5-star experience that Las Vegas is known and loved for. The glitz and glam of private jets are no longer just for the rich and elite thanks to Barcelona Enterprises.


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