Local Las Vegas Charity to Host Third Annual Fundraiser Superhero Ball

Graphic provided by Critical Care Comics Design Team

Since the mid-2000’s, superhero movies and comic books have been steadily increasing in popularity. More and more people of all ages are falling in love with the idea of superheroes, and the thought of someone like Spiderman or Batman saving the day. Superhero stories have become an escape from reality, which is exactly what Critical Care Comics provides every time they step out into the community. 

Critical Care Comics is a local 501c3 non-profit organization in Las Vegas whose mission is to give children and families momentary relief from reality. They visit local children’s hospitals dressed as superheroes and bring them comic books. With over 50 different members, this charity is able to do visits to all of the children’s hospitals around the valley every month. 

Critical Care Comics will be holding its Third Annual Heroes and Villains Ball this November 20th at MEET Las Vegas at 233 S 4th St, Las Vegas, near the Fremont Street Experience off Highway 95 exit 75A. The event starts at 7:30 p.m. and will go on until midnight.

“It’s a way for us to celebrate with the local cosplay community and raise money for [Critical Care Comics], says Katrina Chapman, the charity’s Director of Human Relations. “It’s our own little nerdy Met Gala. People show up in amazing costumes.” She’s looking forward to seeing everyone dressed up and dancing with her friends. 

The Heroes and Villains Ball is open to everyone over 21. Tickets are $40 in advance and $50 at the door, so make sure you get them soon! All tickets include entry into the event, one free raffle ticket, and free entry into the costume contest. The first 100 people at the door will receive a free drink ticket. Masks and proof of vaccination are required for all attendees. 

The Heroes and Villains Ball was started by Critical Care Comics President Richard Tango in 2018. The charity was looking for different ways to generate revenue for their cause, and he pitched an idea that might have seemed crazy at the time, but it was a huge success that turned into an annual tradition. 

The most exciting part about this year’s Heroes and Villains Ball is that all of the proceeds from the event will be going towards a scholarship fund for childhood cancer survivors. Tango is hoping that it can become the largest childhood cancer survivor scholarship in the country. 

“Around the world, cosplay charities like CCC don’t make life-changing monetary donations, but we’re fortunate in our grants and fundraising that we can impact children and families outside the hospital room or homeless shelter,” Tango says. 

Attendees of the ball will enjoy drinks, arcade games, music by a live DJ, and more! There will be a wide range of raffle prizes and silent auction items, from signed Golden Knights hockey pucks and tickets to custom paintings to escape room packages. There’s something for everyone!

Activities you can look forward to at the ball are a costume contest, arcade games, cornhole, giant beer pool, photo ops with SantaPool (Santa Deadpool), and more! And for the first time since Heroes and Villains started in 2018, Critical Care Comics is excited to include axe throwing from Axe Holes as one of their featured activities!

Michael Mutzhaus, Vice President of Critical Care Comics, feels proud going into the third year of the fundraiser. “Being with the team for 7 years, this really feels like a pinnacle of our growth as a team. Especially with the focus on our new childhood cancer survivor scholarship, it just feels like it’s a celebration of what CCC is to the community, and that makes me really honored.”Tickets are available online now until Nov. 20th at 9 pm and can be purchased on Critical Care Comics’ Facebook and Instagram pages or at their website.


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