1980 comes to 2021: Anabel Englund meets Blondie

Photo courtesy of Kris Humphreys. www.krishumphreysphotography.com

Life is Beautiful highlights some of the most popular and unique artists around and this year’s festival was no different for this particular DJ and singer. For 10 years now, Anabel Englund has been taking the DJ scene by storm. Originally from Southern California, Englund has used her California roots as inspiration for not only her previous work, but also her newest single “Midnight Rapture.”

“‘Midnight Rapture’ is a fresh take on Blondie’s ‘Rapture,’ and my rap in the middle of the single is really an ode to her,” Englund said. “We got the clearance to use the sample of her song and it’s really about a whole other world kind of vibe.”

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This single showcases Englund’s vocal range as well as her layering skills throughout the song. Her music video is set to be filmed on Sept. 20th in her old stomping grounds of Los Angeles. She explained, “The video has inspiration from Grace Jones and is really about taking the music to visual reality. Rapture is a feeling of intense pleasure and joy so that is really what we are trying to emulate in this video.” 

Englund continued, “The melody is super fun and it really shows off my vocal range. In music videos, I really am living my best life with all the glam. I may have an idea of what I want the video to look like but, just like everyone waiting for the video, I really won’t know what it will look like. I just show up and do my best and see what happens.”

Blondie’s original version of “Rapture” originally was released in 1980 and listeners can definitely hear what inspired Englund while still making it modern for today’s music scene. Throughout the single, you can hear melody inspiration as well as vocal inspiration. With a lot of artists taking pop and rap inspiration from the 1980s, it is no surprise that listeners can start to hear artists such as Blondie being appreciated and highlighted more throughout modern music. 

“I really am just someone who is living her life trying my best to make people happy and myself happy,” Englund said. 

You can find her on all major streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music and make sure to keep an eye out for Anabel Englund in the months and years ahead, not only new music but more performances right here in Las Vegas. 


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